Open air area


Outdoor pool

The open-air area invites you to take your time: sunbathe on the natural stones of the terrace, give your lungs the healthy air of the only graduation tower in the Black Forest and explore the stimulating barefoot trail in the middle of our extensive moorland - in this pearl of nature you can escape from it all for a few days or hours.

Barefoot path in natural moor

A quality sensory experience is offered to you by our barefoot path, which you can access directly from the outdoor pool.

The Barefoot path is composed of several stations where you can experience different soils under your feet. It passes through all kinds of natural soils that offer a variety of sensations, for example you will feel under your feet quartz sand, wood shavings, a small wooden bridge, fresh grass, small pebbles or even mountain moss. Finally, rinse your feet in the foot bath and find them softer and silkier than ever.

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Enjoy the sun and the fresh Black Forest air on comfortable sun loungers by the outdoor pool or on the heath. Experience deep relaxation and treat yourself to a refreshing drink or a delicious snack.

By the way, did you know that? The Upper Black Forest is the region of the country with the most hours of sunshine in all seasons!

Graduation tower

Allergy and asthma sufferers can finally breathe...

In the graduation tower, salt water (brine) flows through blackthorn branches. This enriches the air with salt and takes care of the breathing apparatus.

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