Sauna area

Two saunas at 70°C and 90°C and a 90°C Kelo log sauna are waiting for you.

A dive into nature

Our sauna area opens up to the Alb valley and offers new sensory experiences:

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Finnish sauna at 90°C

After a hike in the mountains or after a day of skiing, relax in our comfortable Finnish sauna heated to 90°C. Or enjoy for any other reason the cosy and relaxing warmth.

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Hot air bath 70°C

A very gentle and delicate variant of the 90°C sauna is our hot air bath with an internal temperature of 70°C.

It differs from the classic sauna in that it has a lower temperature and humidity of about 50%. Due to the milder and more moderate conditions, the stay in the hot air bath can last up to 30 minutes. The heart and blood pressure are relieved by the lower temperature.

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Kelo Cabin in the sauna garden

For all heat lovers, the sauna in the log cabin is the ideal solution: Sweat and detoxify your body in depth surrounded by Finnish pine wood. 

The sauna in the Kelo log cabin develops a pleasant climate at 90°C for the enjoyment of up to 20 people at the same time.

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Immersion cold bath & sensory showers

The best feeling of post-sauna relaxation can only be achieved by combining the cold. Indeed, the cold immersing bath for the bravest or the sensory showers make the effect of the sauna optimal and really useful.

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Foot baths

We recommend a hot water footbath between two saunas. Our attractive individual wooden tubs allow you to adapt the water temperature to your own wishes and needs.

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Relaxation room

The relaxation room invites you to make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Find the time off you need to relieve the stress of everyday life or in cold weather. Snuggled up in a bathrobe or a warming woollen blanket, you can relax after an invigorating bath in the pleasant, fluoride-containing thermal water.

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Fireplace room

The fireplace room invites you to linger, relax, read or have a pleasant conversation. In the cold season the fire blazes in the fireplace and a special atmosphere spreads.

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