Heat, our ally

Warmth simply feels good and contributes a lot to your mental and physical well-being. The inhabitants of ancient Rome were already using these discoveries and developed various methods to provide the body with properly dosed heat. A particularly gentle and health-promoting form of heat treatment is now available at the Radon Revital Bad in Menzenschwand: an infrared cabin from the Austrian company Physiotherm for one to two people.

 Low-temperature infrared technology, as used in the infrared cabin, has a different purpose from that of a sauna or steam bath: whereas whole-body heating (e.g. in a sauna) is to be considered as a therapeutic use of heat and cold according to the Kneipp method, low-temperature infrared technology aims at gentle warming of the whole body from the inside (deep heat).

An essential part of the infrared cabin is the SensoCare technology. From inside the cabin it is possible to select programs and different intensity levels. Because each person feels the heat differently and each person can absorb different amounts of heat - this capacity can change from day to day in the same person - the system must be adapted to the user.

 SensoCare technology monitors the skin temperature in the back area without contact and automatically adjusts the radiation intensity to the user's current needs.

This guarantees the optimum amount of heat and prevents thermal overload of the skin. This treatment is even possible for people with heat sensitivity or limited thermal regulation.

 Give your back a 30-minute exposure to infrared rays for €6.00 without reservation.