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Three good reasons for a cure at Radon Revital Bad:

  • A rare treasure: our local remedy, radon, can relieve pain without side effects and for a long time. This makes us one of only eight places in Germany that have this rare noble gas in therapeutic quality.
  • Competence of the therapists: Qualified and motivated therapists are the key to successful treatment. Our employees have many years of experience in radon and therapy.
  • The Radon Revital Bad offers treatments and cures that can complement the radon treatment effect. Our functional training courses, self-help group therapies and the wide range of individual therapy offers ideally complement the radon cure.

The association European Radon Spas e.V. of which St. Blasien is a founding member, has published a brochure on the most frequently asked questions about radon therapy.

You can download the PDF file here

In order to be able to take radon baths in Menzenschwand, an initial medical examination is necessary. The examination and, if necessary, the prescription of radon baths is carried out exclusively by the bath doctors in St. Blasien and the surrounding area. Please make an appointment at the reception desk or by using the online contact form or by calling +49 7675 - 92 91 04. The consultation hours take place directly in the therapy centre of the Radon Revital Bad. Prescriptions for all other types of physiotherapy in the therapy centre can also be made directly by your family doctor. Please bring these prescriptions to your first appointment.

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Regular consultation hours at the Radon Revital Bad are by appointment as follows:

Monday 14:00-15:00 h

 general practitioner 

Mr. Holger Strauss

Fürstabt-Gerbert-Str. 8

79837 St. Blasien


Tuesday 14:00-15:00 h

 internal medicine and radiology

 Peter Jochmann, Anna-Marie Fuchs, Dirk Jochmann

Bernau-Menzenschwanderstr. 9

79837 St. Blasien 


Thursday 15:00 - 16:00 h

 general practice

Winfried Bull MD, Irina Drobach

Bernau-Menzenschwanderstr. 20

79837 St. Blasien 


Friday by appointment

Consultation hours take place in the general practice. 

Dr. med. Friedhelm Bork

Riggenbacher Landstr. 1

79872 Bernau 

Patienteninformation zur Radontherapie

Presentation: Many people suffer from chronic illnesses associated with rheumatic pain. Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive inert gas, has had a reputation for being particularly effective in the treatment of these rheumatic diseases since ancient times. Due to the natural radioactivity of radon, there is uncertainty among patients who want to be cured and not be harmed by the therapy. This information document provides answers to the question about the possible risk of radon therapy.

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