Radon Balneotherapy

 Radon baths are administered individually at the health centre of the Radon Revital Bad spa. The therapeutic bath takes place in a bathtub with a water temperature between 35 and 37 °C and can be adjusted according to the patient's wishes.

In order to be able to take radon baths in Menzenschwand, a first medical examination is necessary. The examination and, if necessary, the prescription of radon baths are carried out exclusively by doctors specialised in balneology in St. Blasien. Please make an appointment that suits you at the reception desk, or by using the contact form or by phone at +49 7675 - 92 91 04. The consultation hours take place directly in the therapy centre of the Radon Revital Bad. Prescriptions for all other types of physiotherapy in the therapy centre can also be made directly by your family doctor. Please bring these prescriptions to your first appointment.

Therapy tubs are filled according to a special system so that the highly volatile radon remains in the water in the highest possible concentration. The water surface in the tub is covered by an assistant at the beginning of the procedure. The patient is in the water for 20 minutes and rests for 30 minutes in a separate room.

For an effective radon cure, balneology doctors recommend about 12 to 15 individual treatments. The experience of the last 15 years has shown that a patient-friendly accompanying therapy, such as physiotherapy, promotes the success of the treatment.

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