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Classical massage It's proven itself and still works wonders. The massaged musculature is relaxed, decongested, blood circulation is better and pain is relieved by rhythmic movements.
Connective tissue massage With connective tissue massage, in addition to the local effect, the more distant painful areas can also be relieved. The following problems correspond to this massage technique: gastrointestinal disorders after inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, pain of various kinds, e.g. migraine, menstrual pain, rheumatic diseases (joint pain), circulatory disorders of the legs, non-inflammatory venous diseases, e.g. varicose veins.
Foot reflexology Chinese medicine is based on the principle that the foot, the end point of all nerve pathways, is a mirror of physical health. Therefore, pressure on the foot can influence the organs and have a positive effect on them.
Wraping of fango parafin This classic use minerals that store heat to warm certain parts of the body and relax muscles. Fango is therefore ideal for massages.
Hot rolls Towels soaked in hot water are dabbed and rolled over the desired areas. The moist heat is particularly good for circulation.